Tow Bar King has been providing tow bar fitting services throughout the Melbourne metro area for over ten years. Our experienced team of professional fitters and installers provide top quality workmanship using only products that are compliant with strict Australian design standards. We are also known for giving the best recommendations on the most suitable fitting for your car and towing vehicle.

With such a broad range of options to select from, the process of having a tow bar installed can be very confusing. At Tow Bar King, tow bar installation in Melbourne need not be complicated. Our team of experts will simplify the process for you and help you understand the key decisions that need to be made. With a comprehensive range of towbars and accessories available, everything you need to have and know is at Tow Bar King.

Our friendly and reliable team will take the time to thresh out the details of your towing requirements so that you will get the most suitable tow bar fitting in Melbourne for your vehicle. Deciding on your choice of tow bar begins with understanding the basic tow bar class that will be most suitable to the load that you will be pulling. There are three tow bar classes: Standard Class 2; Class 3 Light Duty Hitch; and, Class 4 Heavy Duty Hitch Receiver. Each class is suitable for a particular range of towing applications and there are several towbar options available within each class.

Standard Class 2. Mainly used in passenger cars and small SUVs for light duty towing of up to 1600kgs. These usually come with a flange for attaching the trailer ball mount. It also provides a secure mounting base for other accessories like a bike rack.

Class 3 Light Duty Hitch. Very similar in design and application to the Standard Class 2, but the biggest difference is the hitch receiver where you slide in a trailer ball mount that has a “tongue”, which usually fits a 40mm by 40mm hitch. The trailer ball mount is kept in place by a high tensile pin and retaining clip that makes it easy to remove the ball when it is not needed.

This is a very popular type because of the ability to remove the ball mount when not needed. The hitch system gives you the ability to preserve and protect your ball mount when not in use. At the same time many car owners love the aesthetic factor of not having an unsightly ball protruding at the back of the vehicle.

Class 4 Heavy Duty Hitch Receiver. The Class 4 is the same in most aspects to the Class 3 hitch except that it is usually used for medium to heavy towing requirements of anywhere from 1200kgs up to 4500kgs. When you are towing a large caravan, a boat, a car trailer, or a horse float this is the tow bar class that you should be considering. These can be fitted onto large passenger cars, SUVs and all manner of 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Once we help you narrow down your choices, let Tow Bar King handle the rest of the process from tow bar installation down to the proper modification of your vehicle’s electronics and wiring up to correct setup of trailer brakes and suspension. Our team of professional tow bar fitters will ensure that your completed tow bar setup will have the highest possible safety level as well as compliance to all appropriate regulations.

Contact us now about your vehicle make and model as well as your towing requirements and we will make sure your tow bar fitting in Melbourne will go without a hitch.