Tow Bar King has been providing top quality tow bars, tow bar fitting, and tow bar installation in the Melbourne metropolitan area for more than ten years. We have built a strong reputation for providing the best tow bar kit and accessories specific to every customer’s requirements and are also known for providing the best expert advice on overall towing setup.

Our continued focus on providing the highest quality tow bar fitting and installation services has seen our business grow steadily. Our passion for your safety and peace of mind has also established Tow Bar King as a reputable source for advice and in-depth analysis of overall towing setups to ensure that each customer and their load gets to their destination safely.

We have a full range of tow bar kits and towing accessories that will address even the most exacting requirements. Our tow bars, hitch pins, couplings, and other accessories span a range of types and brands that are rigorously evaluated for compliance with Australian standards (AS4177). In addition, our tow bar fitting and installation services are undertaken not only to meet each customer’s requirements but also in strict compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.

At Tow Bar King, we focus on getting you and your load to your destination safely. We have built our reputation on professional, reliable and responsive service that provides high levels of safety and durability in your towing setup. Every tow bar we install or fit that meets the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance is an expression of our appreciation for the business that each customer brings to our doors.

For all your tow bar and towing setup queries and needs all you need to do is talk to our team of friendly experts at Tow Bar King and we will ensure that your towing requirements are met. Whether you are going on a road trip or need a tow bar for your everyday tasks, Tow Bar King has the product, experience and services that will meet your needs.